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WEB Site Text – it is Important Too

Posted by on Jan 8, 2016 in Creative WEB, Design 101, Web Design | Comments Off on WEB Site Text – it is Important Too

If you want to make functional and attractive web site, you need to provide quality content for visitors. Quality content is not just about images and video material, but also, first of all, you need to provide legibly, interesting and understandable text.


Material for your website is all of that that will be on pages of your web site, such as texts, images, videos, music, banners, animations, files to download etc. Material on your web site needs to show out what you offer and to be interesting to future visitors. You need to consider that every visitor to your web site is there to find goods, service or info that they need, and not to make any benefit to you as the owner. There are a lot of web design companies that offer to make your entire website, including all material that it will contain. But, to make good presentation to business, you need to know a lot about it, so it comes that no one can make better material for your business than yourself, not even the most expensive web designers. They are into money earning from web design, not out from your business, that is your goal, not theirs,  remember that.

Here are some quite simple rules that you should respect when you are preparing text for your web site.Web-Design

  • Never use strongly professional language, but also, don’t talk to visitor as he is three years old child, or your pal at the tavern. You should get into middle, and make texts that will reflect your professionalism, and allow your visitor to understand the text without contacting any dictionary, so, respect your visitors when you talk to them or transfer informations on your web site.
  • Always respect the formal rules of any text, such as headline, subtitle, section… No one will read monotonous text whick eats whole screen without any subtitle. Let your visitors to have closer look into text just by reading the subtitles, and make sure that they are interested into reading when they do so, so their next step will be to read the whole text. You should use punctuation marks correctly, for better text clearance. Most of people don’t stay on single page more than a few seconds if they don’t find what they’ve searching for right away when enters the web page.web-design
  • Respect basic writing rules, so your visitors or potential clients don’t get the impression that you are one slipslop person, or non educated enough for cooperation and communication.
  • Always try to write informations that will be helpful to your visitors. When it is about business web site, no one will be interested into your entire biography, or how many children you have. But the references and the list of your projects and clients is very helpful for them to see who they are dealing with.

When you are preparing texts for your web site, keep in your mind that your internet presentation is representing yourself online, so make sure that you have left best impression on your potential client. Think about that text as the live conversation between you and the client that just came into your office. To totalize that positive impression for your web sire visitors, it is necessary that the site is visually functional too, professionally designed, so you should let your web designer expert some advice that is directly connected to your business, and let him do his job into making it visually attractive.

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